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End of the 2022 Habanero season

All good things must come to an end, and so does the Habanero summer season!

Despite an early start, my chili’s were quite late to bloom this year and ended up not producing as much as hoped for. Only half of the 6 varieties I planted produced peppers, but luckily enough to have quite a bit of fun in the kitchen. I ended up having about 132 peppers from 10 plants. That is far from the best results I’ve seen in past years, and I guess the intense summer might have even been hard on these chili plants. In fact, there was a late second round that still yielded about 30 pepper just a couple of days ago…

Habanero Season 2022

I just realised now that I haven’t mentioned one word about the ongoing Habanero Season, shame on me! The season in fact started in early march here, and we’re approaching the 100 days mark since seeding.

This season, I truly wanted to have a proper Habanero season, so I ordered 5 different types of Habanero, and Habanada for the fun of it. The latter is the non-spicy version of Habanero, which has all the flavour but none of the burning. Bonsai bell peppers if you wish!