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Spicy lasagne with white asparagus and smoked salmon

A spicy variation on a classic theme:Smoked salmon lasagne with white asparagusIn a mozarella and lime saucewith bacon and mushrooms… Introduction Some might say this is a bit of an exaggeration of weird fusion, but let me tell you, it’s not! When asparagus are in season, this is a classic I make nearly every year. A lasagne with smoked salmon and fresh asparagus, the white gold! You can go different in terms of vegetables, but I went for fresh Dille (must have with Salmon for me), red onions, mushrooms and I also decided to throw bacon in the mix. Just …

Habanero Season 2022

I just realised now that I haven’t mentioned one word about the ongoing Habanero Season, shame on me! The season in fact started in early march here, and we’re approaching the 100 days mark since seeding.

This season, I truly wanted to have a proper Habanero season, so I ordered 5 different types of Habanero, and Habanada for the fun of it. The latter is the non-spicy version of Habanero, which has all the flavour but none of the burning. Bonsai bell peppers if you wish!