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Bad Magic

It’s been a while since I posted anything about music in this blog, but today I felt like writing something about my favorite band of them all, Motörhead. More in particular, I’d want to write a bit about their last album entitled Bad Magic. It was released on August 28th in 2015, so it’s long overdue. This would be the band’s 22nd studio album, and I only came to realize later on that this would end up being Lemmy’s will more or less. The album is full of energy and fighting spirit, yet you also realize Lemmy is reminiscing about the life he led…

Record Fair at Rock Café

On Sunday January 28th 2024 Rock Café Leuven organises its first Record fair! So far we already have 6 sellers registered, which means we only have 4 spots left! The entire event is free of charge, also for sellers!

I’ll be bringing over 500 records which you can find here. In total, my collection recently surpassed the 2000 records mark, and of course there’s still so much more out there to discover!

I hope to meet you at Rock Cafe for a day of happy digging through plenty of boxes of vinyl!

Garage sale Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of April

Next weekend I’ll join my parents in their Garage Sale in Lommel, where I’ll be offering a bunch of vinyl and CD’s, as you can see in the picture on the right. Obviously there will be a record player available to test vinyl and to maintain a fun atmosphere. The offer in terms of vinyl you can find at Record for Sale/Exchange. Next to that there will also be a wide selection of CD’s, both singles and albums at very reasonable prices (0,10 / 1 EUR). I will also have a selection of MetallicA bootlegs (live recordings and demo’s) up …

Catchy Cosy Records

The music section of this blog has been online for quite a while, but only recently I made a first post in it. Today, I’m adding one more to let you know what I’ll be posting here in the future and to give you a first example of records I want to talk about for a bit. You may note I also put this post in the burnout blues section of the website, as records have also helped me a lot in slowing down in life. Next to my professional life, also my private life had always been too packed until a few years ago.

The younger ones (and heck, also the older ones I reckon) among you, are probably using Spotify or other streaming resources for your musical entertainment. While I’m really fond of how accessible a wealth of music is available through these, I can’t help but love it more to have physical records in my hand. The size, the sleeve and artwork, it feels good to hold and look at. It looks beautiful when it’s on the turntable, as you can see on the left. The imperfections because of dust, minor scratches or surface noise, it all adds to the experience. You’re holding history when you’re holding records, they’re more dynamic than one would assume. So you wonder why I’m not on Spotify if I’m into music that much? My Spotify is my record collection that today holds over 750 records, all collected during the past 2 years. That’s about 1 new record each day. That’s so much to discover, so much to listen to again and again.

Record collection updated / Record available for sale/exchange

My record collection page got an upgrade and is now fully up-to-date. As my collection is expanding, there’s also quite a few doubles and records I don’t want to keep in my collection. These are available for sale or to exchange for other records. Should you be interested in exchanging or buying, don’t hesitate to contact me about it!