Habanero cooking

If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen! This especially applies to my own kitchen, as I’m crazy about chili peppers. As the title of this section suggests, I’m particularly fond of Habaneros, as I like their proper punch clocking in at around 300.000 SHU and the touches of lemon in their flavour. Any dish, from starters to desert can be improved by spicing it up, and the same holds for beverages in my humble opinion.

Habanero peppers

You might find that a tad bit odd, but maybe you change your mind after trying some of my recipes. Most of those are my own, others are modifications (and hopefully improvements) of recipes I found online. Recipes are posted as blog posts in the Habanero cooking section, so if you’d like to stay updated on my spicy adventures you can subscribe to the mailing list.

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

Unfortunately, in Belgium chili peppers are not super popular, so it can be hard at times to find what you’re looking for in grocery stores. Some more specialised international stores occasionally have interesting chili peppers, but supply is also not as regular as this chili addict would like. Therefore, I also grow my own chili peppers every summer, which allows me to have a supply of the spicier chilies all year round (dried, spicy oils, sauces, jams, liquor,….). Every year there’s Habaneros, as those are still my all time favourite, but I also try new varieties each season, as one should always discover new flavours and levels of spiciness.