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Garage sale Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of April

Next weekend I’ll join my parents in their Garage Sale in Lommel, where I’ll be offering a bunch of vinyl and CD’s, as you can see in the picture on the right. Obviously there will be a record player available to test vinyl and to maintain a fun atmosphere. The offer in terms of vinyl you can find at Record for Sale/Exchange. Next to that there will also be a wide selection of CD’s, both singles and albums at very reasonable prices (0,10 / 1 EUR). I will also have a selection of MetallicA bootlegs (live recordings and demo’s) up …

Record collection updated / Record available for sale/exchange

My record collection page got an upgrade and is now fully up-to-date. As my collection is expanding, there’s also quite a few doubles and records I don’t want to keep in my collection. These are available for sale or to exchange for other records. Should you be interested in exchanging or buying, don’t hesitate to contact me about it!

Upcoming talks

The samples we recently showcased at our Future Summits conference will soon be presented in two upcoming conferences. With these samples we illustrate how costly standard CMOS processes can be simplified with much fewer process steps using nanoimprint lithography. We benchmark both samples side by side for optical performance for multispectral imaging applications.

Burnout blues blog section

A new blog section was added to the website, called burnout blues. In this blog I plan to share some experiences and thoughts and things I’ve learned from going through a burnout. The first post takes you along on some of the walks I had during the first year, on which I took many pictures that I really like. I hope you like them too, and that future posts in this blog might prove useful for people facing similar problems.

Check out the Walking treasures!