All my life I’ve been fascinated by how things work and how they are made. As a kid I used to build all kind of crazy things in Lego, and honestly even these days I sometimes can’t resist that urge.

In that sense it was no big surprise that I studied science and mathematics in high school and ended up studying applied physics at university. The application side of things kept on tingling my interest, so I went on to get a PhD in Electrical Engineering. Over the years I’ve worked on many different subjects from hardcore fundamental semiconductor physics to applied optics and photonics with a lot of interesting detours in between. I’ve done my fair share of (optical and electrical) design, clean room processing, test setup building and (optical and electrical) characterisation of chips and samples. Even to this day I can’t really say which one of those things I like most, but they’re all very fun anyhow!

In this section of the website you can find more information about my research interests and publications.

This part of the website is still under construction and more updates will follow in the (near) future.