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New Challenge ahead!

It’s been a while since I posted news on this website, but times have been busy. After some setbacks in the past few years, about which I’ve written before or might still write more later, I’ve finally decided to pursue a new career path. While I’ve enjoyed my times at imec, I felt like it was time for a change of environment, some new challenge. I can proudly announce that I’ve updated my CV to reflect my start at Spectricity as senior characterization engineer. At Spectricity, the future camera of your smartphone is developed, and I will be involved in testing of these camera’s in our labs in Mechelen. These hyperspectral camera modules can see more colors than typical RGB camera’s that are common in today’s consumer electronics. Such camera’s enable a wealth of new applications in AR/VR, sensing, machine vision and many more! I look forward to the challenges ahead and will soon start my new job, after a few weeks of rest…

Upcoming talks

The samples we recently showcased at our Future Summits conference will soon be presented in two upcoming conferences. With these samples we illustrate how costly standard CMOS processes can be simplified with much fewer process steps using nanoimprint lithography. We benchmark both samples side by side for optical performance for multispectral imaging applications.

New paper published in ACS Photonics

The paper “Highly Selective Color Filters Based on Hybrid Plasmonic-Dielectric Nanostructures” by Anabel De Proft just got published in ACS Photonics. In this work that’s part of her Ph.D. research we demonstrate hybrid plasmonic-dielectric color filters that can be applied for multispectral imaging applications. The filters show narrow linewidths down to 25 nm FWHM with transmission intensities over 50% that nearly cover the full visible spectrum. These filters are among the most efficient plasmonic color filters reported to date, a surprising result considering that in top-view there’s a 100% metal coverage. And we all love metal, don’t we?!