Habanero Caramel

Habanero Caramel

A simple and sweet classic,
Habanero Caramel, sugar and peppers!
You can’t go wrong with this one…


This must be the simplest recipe I’ve ever posted, but yet it takes some time. There’s only a need for sugar and peppers and some water, but you need quite a bit of time to slowly boil in your habanero caramel.


I mentioned it was simple, and the picture immediately shows exactly that!

  • 500 g of sugar
  • A bit of water
  • A tablespoon of sea salt
  • A finely chopped habanero
  • A bit of butter (not shown)
  • A table spoon of pear syrup


All ingredients go into one pot and are slowly heated up until all sugar dissolves. Leave it simmer and stir regularly. Note that the more water you add, the longer you’ll need to get your caramel done. Sugar really dissolves easily in water, so don’t exaggerate.

The caramel mixture when it’s done. The color has become more dark, and it’s obvious from the whisk that the caramel is now becoming solid. When stirring through the mixture, you’ll see threads from the whisk. Poor into a tray and leave to solidify.

The final product can be seen on the right. You can notice a lot of debris, as this caramel becomes really hard, so I actually took it apart using a hammer. Many variation can be made on the theme, like adding spices such as vanilla or cinnamon. Or blending in some nuts for example!