The Greenhouse of Heat

On this page you can find an overview of the different species of chili peppers I have farmed over the years and some numbers on the harvest I had for a given year. Do note that numbers can vary substantially based on the weather conditions, so a direct comparison between different years might not always be possible or representative. The numbers mentioned in the table below give an indication of the average number of peppers I harvested per plant, the number of plants for each variety might differ from year to year.

The chili peppers are sorted from hot to mild and for each variety a small picture is included.

Carolina Reaper20212.200.00030Quite a cloudy and rainy season
Scorpion Caramel
20212.000.00015Quite a cloudy and rainy season
Habanero Super F12019300.00030First habaneros I farmed
Habanero Red2021300.00020Quite a cloudy and rainy season
Habanero Super 2020300.0008Started from seeds collected from 2019 F1 generation.
Habanero Marobie Yellow2019250.00010Small yield for Habaneros
Numer Twilight202040.00055More compact and more colourful than Chinese 5 Colour
Chinese 5 Colour202140.00050Quite a cloudy and rainy season
Kreb’s Elegance202040.00085Best yield for those plants with peppers pointing upwards
Cayenne Purple202140.00050Quite a cloudy and rainy season
Aji Escabeche201940.00010Plants stretched too much leading to loss of peppers