Liverpool FC

I’ve always loved the game of football, at first as a (not so gifted) player as a kid, and later on also as a spectator. In my teens I was a quite fanatic fan of KFC Lommelse SK, the local team from my hometown. Back in those days, I nearly never missed any game, how or away. Unfortunately in 2003 the team went bankrupt and ceased to exist. While a new team was founded, things never really felt the same for me, so this is where the story ended for me.

Already in those days, I was intrigued by the English premier league, just because of the intensity of the game and the pure beauty of the famous kick and rush style. While there are many teams with a rich history in the UK, for me Liverpool has always been a personal favourite of mine. Once one of my oldest friends from Lommel invited me to join for a game at Anfield, I fell in love with the team, the fans and the city of Liverpool. Next to the football, Liverpool has a vibrant nightlife as the birth place of the Mersey beat that lives on and really breathes through the city any given day. Add to that mixture the “beautiful” Scouse dialect and the brilliant humour and you’ll get why I’m crazy about the city.

Over the past years, I’ve been on plenty of trips following the Reds around with my friends of the Flemish Reds and the Leuven Reds. We also regularly meet up at Thomas Stapelton’s Irish pub in Leuven to watch the games together and make more noise than some of the other guests might appreciate.

Leuven Reds in Madrid for the 2019 Champions League final, we won it for the 6th time over there!

Below you can find an overview of the Liverpool games I attended through the years and those that are currently scheduled.

12014-04-27Liverpool FC – Chelsea FCPremier League0 – 2
22015-03-22Liverpool FC – Manchester UnitedPremier League1 – 2
32016-01-13Liverpool FC – ArsenalPremier League3 – 3
42017-04-05Liverpool FC – BournemouthPremier League2 – 2
52017-10-14Liverpool FC – Manchester UnitedPremier League0 – 0
62018-03-06Liverpool FC – FC PortoChampions League0 – 0
72018-04-04Liverpool FC – Manchester CityChampions League3 – 0
82018-04-26Liverpool FC – AS RomaChampions League5 – 2
92018-09-18Liverpool FC – Paris Saint GermainChampions League3 – 2
102018-10-24Liverpool FC – Red Star BelgradeChampions League4 – 0
112018-10-27Liverpool FC – Cardiff FCPremier League4 – 1
122018-12-11Liverpool FC – NapoliChampions League1 – 0
132019-02-19Liverpool FC – Bayern MunchenChampions League0 – 0
142019-04-19Liverpool FC – FC PortoChampions League2 – 0
152019-05-07Liverpool FC – FC Barcelona Champions League4 – 0
16 2019-10-02Liverpool FC – SalzburgChampions League4 – 3
172019-10-23KRC Genk – Liverpool FCChampions League1 – 4
182019-11-05Liverpool FC – KRC GenkChampions League2 – 1
192019-11-27Liverpool FC – NapoliChampions League1 – 1
202020-01-02Liverpool FC – Sheffield UnitedPremier League2 – 0
212020-01-05Liverpool FC – Everton FCFA Cup1 – 0
222020-03-11Liverpool FC – Atletico MadridChampions League2 – 3
232021-11-03Liverpool FC – Atletico MadridChampions League2 – 0
242022-03-08Liverpool FC – InternationaleChampions League0 – 1
252022-04-13Liverpool FC – BenficaChampions League3 – 3
262022-05-22Liverpool FC – Wolverhampton WanderersPremier League3 – 1
272022-09-13Liverpool FC – AjaxChampions League2 – 0
282022-10-04Liverpool FC – RangersChampions League2 – 0
292022-11-01Liverpool FC – NapoliChampions League2 – 0
302023-02-21Liverpool FC – Real MadridChampions League2 – 5
312023-10-05Liverpool FC – Union SGEuropa League2 – 0
322023-10-26Liverpool FC – ToulouseEuropa LeagueTBD
332023-11-30Liverpool FC – LASKEuropa LeagueTBD