Welcome to my renewed website!

Hi there and very welcome to my renewed website! I had been quite lazy the last few years in updating my website, resulting in parts of it becoming dysfunctional or quite a lot out-dated. For that reason I took the website offline somewhere in the fall of 2020, with a plan for a new and improved version of it to be put online soon after.

Unfortunately, that plan got stalled due to some personal matters needing more of my time and attention than I anticipated or wanted. I’ll probably also post about some of those things in the future, whenever time (or myself) is ready for it. Nevertheless, during the past few months I started adding bits and pieces, resulting in the website that is online now. I’m far from done with updating existing pages and adding new ones, but at this point I felt like it made sense to post something formal about the relaunch.

The main reason for bringing back the website is that I enjoy doing so and I enjoy sharing some of the things that keep me occupied. Therefore, I will keep on adding updates in the coming weeks, months and years, which I hope you will enjoy upon future visits. At the same time, I also decided to leave all social media, as I consider them to do much more bad things than good things. Nevertheless I like to share some of the things that excite me, and on this website I have the freedom to do so and keep control over my own data.

In particular, I plan to post more blog posts than I used to, which you can also follow by registering for the different dedicated mailing lists. For now there are 4 categories in which I expect to post, being news (general website updates), research (work-related posts), habanero cooking (Chili pepper cooking and farming) and music (record and concert reviews). More different subjects might be added in due time, so come back every once in a while if you enjoy what’s around!