New paper published in ACS Photonics

New paper published in ACS Photonics

The paper “Highly Selective Color Filters Based on Hybrid Plasmonic-Dielectric Nanostructures” by Anabel De Proft just got published in ACS Photonics. In this work that’s part of her Ph.D. research we demonstrate hybrid plasmonic-dielectric color filters that can be applied for multispectral imaging applications. The filters show narrow linewidths down to 25 nm FWHM with transmission intensities over 50% that nearly cover the full visible spectrum. These filters are among the most efficient plasmonic color filters reported to date, a surprising result considering that in top-view there’s a 100% metal coverage. And we all love metal, don’t we?!

This excellent filter performance relies on a complex interplay of multiple plasmonic and dielectric resonances that result in narrow but pronounced transmission peaks in combination with strong out-of-band suppression. The samples were all fabricated with a fully CMOS compatible flow on top of quartz substrates in our 200 mm pilot line, allowing to also implement them through post-processing on standard CMOS imagers. While these filters do not match the performance of dielectric hyperspectral filters in terms of linewidth, the reduction in the number of required process steps makes them excellent candidates for multispectral imaging applications.

As a daily supervisor of this research work, I congratulate Anabel on these nice results and I want to express my sincere gratitude to all co-authors for their valuable contributions!

On a side-note, the header of this website shows the colourful samples from this paper!

The full story can be found here!