Liverpool FC

All my life I have enjoyed the game of football, for a couple of years as a (not so gifted) player, and afterwards as a supporter. The first team I followed was KFC Lommelse SK, the team from my hometown. Back in those days, from the age of 14 until 19, I nearly never missed any game. In 2003, the team ceased to exist due to financial issues, and even though a new team was founded, things never really were the same any more.


In the years that followed, I started following the Premier League in the united kingdom, and became a big fan of the Reds, Liverpool FC. I guess the main thing that always attracted me to Liverpool is its rich history, which you can really feel once you head to Anfield. Nowadays, I try to make a trip over there once a year, together with friends from the Flemish Reds and the Leuven Reds. One of my oldest friends introduced my to the fanclub in 2011, and after tasting the true Anfield spirit on a trip with the fanclub, I fell in love with the team, the fans, the city and Anfield.


Below, you can see the list of Liverpool games I attended so far.

Date Game Competition Score
2014-04-27 Liverpool FC – Chelsea FC Premier League 0 – 2
2015-03-22 Liverpool FC – Manchester United Premier League 1 – 2
2016-01-13 Liverpool FC – Arsenal Premier League 3 – 3
2017-04-05 Liverpool FC – Bournemouth Premier League 2 – 2
2017-10-14 Liverpool FC – Manchester United Premier League 0 – 0
2018-03-06 Liverpool FC – FC Porto Champions League 0 – 0
2018-04-04 Liverpool FC – Manchester City Champions League 3 – 0
2018-04-24 Liverpool FC – AS Roma Champions League 5 – 2
2018-05-26 Liverpool FC – Real Madrid Champions League 3 – 1
2018-09-18 Liverpool FC – Paris Saint Germain Champions League 3 – 2
2018-10-24 Liverpool FC – Red Star Belgrade Champions League 4 – 0
2018-10-27 Liverpool FC – Cardiff FC Premier League 4 – 1
2018-12-11 Liverpool FC – Napoli Champions League ? – ?