End of the 2022 Habanero season

End of the 2022 Habanero season

All good things must come to an end, and so does the Habanero summer season!

Despite an early start, my chili’s were quite late to bloom this year and ended up not producing as much as hoped for. Only half of the 6 varieties I planted produced peppers, but luckily enough to have quite a bit of fun in the kitchen. I ended up having about 132 peppers from 10 plants. That is far from the best results I’ve seen in past years, and I guess the intense summer might have even been hard on these chili plants. In fact, there was a late second round that still yielded about 30 pepper just a couple of days ago…

Let me first introduce you to the stars of the show, from left to right there’s the Habanero Red, Habanero Burning Bush and Habanada. The latter has really surprised me in a very lovely way. As I’ve mentioned at the start of the season, it has the characteristic Habanero flavour, but none of the heat. Really none, you can just eat one in a single bite and you’ll taste the aroma of Habanero with none of the heat. Lovely, especially if you want to have people who can’t handle spicy food give an impression of the Habanero flavour. I’ve tried this in many recipes lately, but I won’t post all in full as they’ve been described here before. I will however show a few things I’ve done lately, of which some will still appear here in the coming days and weeks. So stay tuned!

Habanero Limoncello is back from never really having been gone! This year I made some regular (no peppers, weird shit like ;-)), some with only Habanada, and some with different ratio’s of Habanada and Habanero. An interesting outcome with nice variations in level of spiciness. Unfortunately, the Habanada gave little effect in Limoncello, opposite to the dishes I’ve tried in which I combined them with Habanero. Also the Pineapple-Mango Habanero Jam from last season was great with just Habanada!

Now on the left you see one of my classic chili pepper infusions of Gin with Saffron and in this case Habanero Burning bush. I’ve done many more of these in the past, also with wodka and even whiskey. Some of these make for very lovely cocktails, which I will post here in the very near future. I can already give away that the best combination for the gin shown here is pineapple juice! And obviously tonic would do great as well!

It’s sometimes said that every ending is a new beginning. This is definitely true for my chili plants at the end of the summer season. On the right you can see one of my Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Bonchi’s that’s blooming today! The inset of the picture on the right shows the bumpy looking chili pepper during last year’s season. I’m curious how these will evolve and if I’ll get many of them this time. This is the third blooming period after converting to Bonchi and so far the first one where peppers seem to be forming. I might be able to cook for Christmas or New Year’s with fresh peppers! Wouldn’t that be lovely? There’s another Scorpion starting to bloom and the same goes for a Carolina reaper, both Bonchi’s too and both blooming for the third time as well after trimming them down.

Habanero Burning Bush trimmed to Bonchi

Stay tuned as well for Italian style spicy meat balls with Habanero. A fun variation on a real classic, that also works great for a meatball pasta!

Or how about a creamy pasta sauce with Pork Loin, Habanero and Kriek Mariage Parfait? I can tell you, it is the perfect wedding! Coming soon…

Also, one of these days I plan to make another fun one again, a jam with bacon, coffee and chili peppers! Magic on pancakes, breakfast for Champions!