Swedish winter 2.0 looking around the corner…

I almost cannot believe that I already live for one and a half year in lovely Sweden now, time really flies when you’re enjoying yourself! Now we are slowly preparing for the long and dark Swedish winter, which is almost peaking around the corner. When I say preparing, what I really mean is mentally preparing for the very short days too come. Somehow I never really care about the cold, which is still reasonable in the south of Sweden. We’re now close to the point where the last colorful leaves fall from the trees, and the sun quits her duty already at 5. A few weeks from now we’ll get temperatures below zero, and hopefully loads of snow! More then ever before I like snow now, as it kind of brightens up the dark nights, and it’s just so lovely to hear the cracking of fresh or even frozen snow below your feet.

As a consequence of the short days and long nights, all Swedes will put out Christmas lighting very soon, and damn if you don’t! This of course makes the winter scenes much more nice as the Christmas atmosphere is all around you for a quite long time. One of my personal favorites is definitely “Jul på Liseberg”, the Christmas market in amusement park Liseberg, over which I have a nice view from my garden. They have the largest Christmas tree in Gothenburg, which is built by lights hanging from the 120 meter high Atmosphere ride (another favorite of mine I realize now 😉 ). The park is lighted up by over 6.000.000 twinkling lights, which give the place some true magic. And of course, the food is awesome, many traditional products to taste, although I must say that I miss the Jenever that we usually have at a Belgian Christmas market 🙂

Jul på Liseberg

After the Christmas market, it is time to meet with the family and friends again, two weeks of holidays in Belgium it is! It will be fun again to have a few slightly longer days for a change 😉 Of course I also look forward to seeing my lovely godson Toon again, I imagine he’ll suddenly seem very big to me now! But to be honest, I’m not going to wait that long, in 3 weeks I’ll spend a few days in Belgium as well, after I made a quick stop in London to see Motörhead touring with their new album Aftershock!

Me and Toon

Because I promised so, I kept word: I disguised myself as Jack Sparrow for the baby shower party!

In the mean time, things are very busy at work, a lot of nice results coming in recently. The first two projects are nearly finished and will hopefully be published very soon, and I hope for many more to come!

In order to prevent myself from getting a burn-out I have plenty of relaxing side activities going on now, to begin with our dart team “the Assassins” here in Gothenburg. Next to that, an other dart trip with my 2 Belgian teams to Scotland (Edinburgh) will follow in the end of march, and a visit to Anfield for Liverpool vs. Chelsea will follow one month later. Only have to start making up my mind for the festival agenda of next summer and hopefully some nice shows to serve at with the Gothenburg crew 😉