New paper published in Scientific Reports

Our latest paper entitled Multiscale Conformal Pattern Transfer just got published in Scientific Reports.

In this work we show a very versatile platform for decorating 3D objects with nano- or microscale-structures, by means of a transfer lithography protocol. The structures to be transferred are first defined by means of a conventional lithography method of choice on top of 10 nm thick amorphous carbon film on top of a sacrificial layer. After submerging the parent substrate in a selective etch solution in order to dissolve the sacrificial layer, the pattern is transferred to the air/water-interface by means of the parent substrate. Subsequently the 3D host substrate is used to pick up the structures to be transferred, and if required the carbon film is etched to finalise the transfer. We illustrate this technique for a variety of nano- and micro-structures that can be applied in many different fields of research.

This work was conducted during my Post-doctoral studies at Chalmers University and was the result of a close collaboration between different research groups there.

The Chalmers University logo with a scale of 100 micrometer is transferred onto a commercial LED and projected it with 500 times magnification onto a wall using a microscope objective. The roughness of the LED surface is clearly visible in the microscope pictures and the projection.