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Technical Specifications


This website is hosted by, a very reliable hosting company which keeps over 1.000.000 websites online. The total hosting costs for this website, domain and e-mail is less than 30 euro per year, which is most likely to be one of the best rates around, with perfect support both on- and offline.


This website is designed using the free webdesign platform WordPress. Not only it allows the unexperienced webdesigner to have a nice looking website up in just a few clicks, on top of that there are thousands of free themes which can be installed and modified to your specific needs in just a few simple clicks. For the more experienced webmaster there is a lot of flexibility to install additional plugins or write your own plugins. Within this environment, also the use of PHP and MySQL databases is really straightforward. also offers a one-click install of wordpress to get started on your own domain right away.

The following plugins are currently active on this domain:

Plugin Functionality
Jetpack by Kind of an all-in-one must-have add-on for each WordPress installation. The features that are enabled here are listed below:

  • Site stats: detailed overview of all visitors including the location, link to your website and search engine entries
  • Mobile theme: automatically generates a mobile version of your website that is automatically loaded on a smartphone or tablet
  • Jetpack comments: adds the possibility of users to log in with their social network logins. This website supports logins from Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Sharing: any page from this website can shared in one click to Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin
  • Contact form: the contact form on this website runs through Jetpack as well
  • Beautiful math: allows to publish LateX code in order to include formulas in any page, such as used here in the Theoretical background pages on this website.
  • Mobile push notifications: The applications allows you to get notified of any activity on your website and to check statistics or even publish new posts when you’re on the road
qTranslate Adds muliple languages to your wordpress installation, in this case English and Dutch
Insert PHP Allows the usage of PHP programming on any page
Exclude pages Allows you to create private pages that do not show up in the website navigation. Here the plugin is used for the administration pages which are used to update this website


Any information found on this website can be freely used for educational purposes, given that the original source is acknowledged. The author of this website cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information which might be present in the different pages of this website. If any visitor comes across incorrect information, please let me know through the Contact form, such that the necessary updates can be carried out.