In belgium I’m playing electronic darts in 2 teams in the pub series of the B.E.D.F (Belgian Electronic Darts Federation). I first joined the team “DC De Tooghangers” in 2008, which plays in the first devision on Sunday and in 2010 I joined “DC Erasmus” that currently plays in the second devision on Saturday night. Since moving to Sweden I’m still member in both teams and try to join the competition when I’m over in Belgium for a weekend. Our home games are played in snooker bar Erasmus in Lommel.

First devision (Sunday)
Second devision (Saturday)



I joined the team Team Assassins for the season 2013-2014, playing in the Gothenburg pub series playing together with my Irish and British friends from the Dubliner in Gothenburg. We play on Wednesday evening and our home games are played in the Portuguese club in Hissingen, Gothenburg.

Pub series Gothenburg dart

The Assassins line-up 2014