Monthly Archives: June 2014

New paper on SERS published

Our new paper by Masahiko Shioi (Panasonic) has recently been published in Applied Physics Letters. This work dates back to my work as a PhD student in IMEC, when we collaborated with Panasonic on a biosensing project focusing on SERS.

In this work we show how the performance of SERS can be boosted by using a double resonant nanostructure. We investigate a periodic array of gold nanodisks separated from a continuous gold mirror by a thin oxide layer. As such, the particles act as a diffraction grating which allows to couple to a propagating SPP mode on the gold film, while they also show a pronounced dipolar LSPR mode. These 2 can be tuned separately by playing with the grating pitch and the nanoparticle size, and as such we optimized the structure to exhibit the SPP mode at the pump laser wavelength, while the LSPR overlaps with the main raman scattering bands.

Tuning the interaction between propagating and localized surface plasmons for surface enhanced Raman scattering in water for biomedical and environmental applications.

The full text version is also available from the Scientific papers page on this website.