Monthly Archives: February 2013

2 upcoming talks confirmed

I am very delighted that I got confirmation for 2 talks in this spring and summer.

My first Chalmers talk will be given at the ImagineNano 2013 conference in Bilbao, Spain in April. The talk is entitled “Designer magnetoplasmonics in ferromagnetic nanoparticles through symmetry breaking” and deals with the improved control over the magneto-plasmonic response of nickel nanoparticles by breaking their symmetry.

In August I will give an invited talk at the PIERS 2013 conference in Stockholm, Sweden. This talk is entitled “A tunable Fano resonance between LSPR and SPP modes for improved refractive index sensing” and will be part of a special session focussing on Fano resonances. This work is still part of my Ph.D. project in imec, and a preprint of the related article is available on ArXiv.